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Part of the SAKET MAKHANA business conglomerate

Over 20 owned makhana ponds all over Madhubani.

One of the largest makhana producer in the world.

Producer of 2million kilos of makhana every year.

Proudly associated with some of the biggest fmcg co.of india.

One of the largest exporter of makhana.

Why Us???

Our Heritage

we are the part of the Saket Makhana conglomerate.Saket Makhana & Industry has been planters of quality since 5 generations,with over 20estates of makhana in Madhubani region in india,we are one of the largest makhana planters and producer of india.

Our Continuous Support

we are not just a brand,we are a legacy of 90years.We will give you required training in Makhana industry,update you to the volatile nature of this market and act like a backbone support to your business !!!

End-to-end Knowhow

At OSSUM DÉLIGHT, we have the scale, knowledge, and facilities right from the plantation level, processing level, and packaging level right up to the shipping level. Even though we are constantly learning, one can say we know what we are doing at every step of producing makhana and getting it across.

Easy Private Labelling

Since we have over 9decades of end-to-end know-how in producing makhanas, private labeling and white labeling becomes a lot easier for us to offer. Since, we have the scale and technology, adjusting to the needs and demands of a Startup can be met as easily as that of an fmcg.

Every Grade of Makhana

When it comes to the quality of a specified grade of makhana, we know no compromise and we pride ourselves in achieving and offering the best-in-class quality of the full range and grades of makhana, whether it be trade index-3sutta to 7+ sutta.

Economically Optimal

We can offer the best prices at varying client quantity needs because we are the ones who are making the makhanas. We also have the ability to meet and create quantities of specified makhana if the client shares their budget well in advance.

A Certified company

Makhana has been exporting to over 45 countries, our makhana and plantation practices are certified by leading national compliance bodies from India.To put it simply, as a buyer, your market expands manifold.

Earliest access to the produce

Since we are planters, there is no fresher way of sourcing makhana. The chain of traceability is also therefore much shorter and simpler. Freshness is key in the business of makhana and as one of the largest planters in India; we can offer freshness best makhanas to our clients.



We get most our Makhana from the most authentic sources i.e SAKET MAKHANA & INDUSTRIES working closely with local farms and following ethical practices.


Our Makhana go through a number of test before entering the processing unit.


All the chosen Makhana then go under a process to further get rid of any unwanted substances.


The Makhana are further cleaned ad sorted with state-of-the-art machinery which includes Clean O Grader, Gravity Separator and Color Sorter.


We go a step further in our safety measures and clean and sort the Makhana manually, picking what the machines might have missed.


All our Makhana pass through Machine Plant which controls the microbial load in the makhana before packing them.


we then pack and seal the freshness and flavours of the best kind of Makhana and best quality Makhana of india.