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Fox nut also known as Makhana or Phool Makhana is a part of the Lotus flower. It is mostly produced in BIHAR, India. In India, Makhana was primarily cultivated in Madhubani, a popular Mithilanchal region of Bihar.

Flavour Profile

Phool makhana has a very neutral taste and can be easily flavoured with the desired seasoning.

Cooking Uses

Makhana can be consumed as a snack by slightly roasting it to give that crunchiness. It can also be added to Raita, various types of curries, and to even make Kheer.


OSSUM DELIGHT Phool Makhana passes through multiple cleaning processes involving machinery with state-of-art technology to get the best quality. All our MAKHANAS pass through QUALITY CHECK before being packaged and sold.


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